4 Tips To Help You Find The Best DWI Attorney

Every year over 1 million drivers are arrested because they choose to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And while we don’t condone driving under the influence, if you have recently been arrested for a DWI we want to help.


The most important thing you can do once you have been arrested for a DWI is hire an experienced DWI attorney in Eau Claire WI.


Here are 4 tips that will ensure you get the best possible attorney for your DWI case:


Create A List of Potential Attorneys


Before hiring an attorney you need to take some time to do a little research. Keep in mind the attorney you hire will play a huge role in how your case plays out so don’t take this step lightly.


When researching potential attorneys a good place to start is by asking people you trust for their personal recommendations.


If you would prefer to keep family and friends out of it, simply go online and research the National Associations and State Bar Associations.


Make Sure The Attorney Is Qualified


While there are a lot of wonderful attorneys to choose from, you want to make sure the one you choose has an extensive background in handling DWI cases.


Each type of case in court is different. You want an attorney that has helped others in similar situations which can increase your chances of getting a more favorable judgement.


Meet The Attorney In Person


Before hiring any attorney take the time to meet for an in person consultation. This will give you an opportunity to see if you feel comfortable with the attorney as well as share all the facts about your case.


When speaking with the attorney always be upfront and honest about your case. The attorney needs to know all facts and details so they can determine the best way to proceed.


Find Out How Much You Will Have To Pay


You can expect to pay upwards of $12,000 to hire an attorney for a non injury related DWI case. The more experienced the attorney the more you can expect to pay to retain them.


Keep in mind hiring a big name attorney doesn’t mean they will be handling your case. Often times a junior associate will handle your case and the attorney will only show up when it’s time to go to trial.


This is a situation where you will really need to weigh your options. Take the time to figure out how much you can truly afford to spend on a good defense attorney.